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Paul Lançon

Paul Lançon (04/13/1969) fell short in science fiction and fantasy.
This interest arose during his childhood thanks to TV series like Space 1999 (Cosmos 1999) and The Outer Limits (Beyond reality). Programs broadcast in the legendary Temps X program, by the Bogdanoff brothers.
At the age of 9, an event marked him for life: the vision of Star Wars (IV). That he will see 8 times in a row in the classroom, over a period of one month. For fear of never having the opportunity again.
At the same time his taste for drawing asserts itself: his school notebooks are covered with spaceships, strange landscapes and ... monsters.

The situation worsened rapidly during the 1980s.
Indeed, Hollywood produced during this period, year-round classics:
Dark Crystal, Creepshow, Alien, Aliens, Blade Runner, Gremlins, Predator, The Return of the Living Dead, Terminator, The Thing ... fuel the adolescent's passion.
Who also discovers the comics of Richard Corben and devours the great novels of SF and fantastic literature.

Paul searches - and discovers - a concrete way to satisfy this passion.
Thanks to the Geneva bookstore, The Lost Paradox, he discovers a magazine published by fans for fans: Cinemagic.
Reading an article dedicated to the creation of latex masks is a revelation.
Encouraged by his family, Paul then embarked on special effects as an autodidact. At home, in a corner of the garage.
To his delight, these combine artistic disciplines such as sculpture and drawing, with craft techniques: molding and working with various and varied materials.
In 1986, Paul entered the School of Decorative Arts, then that of Fine Arts (HEAD currently) in Geneva, while continuing to make monsters.
His workshop was launched in 1992, he then worked for short and feature films, for TSR, for plays in France and French-speaking Switzerland.
Paul Lançon has also exhibited his creations in Geneva, Brussels, Yverdon-les-Bains and Marseille.
He also teaches at the Ecole des Beaux Arts du Genevois (Ebag) in Annemasse.

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