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Custom made special effects makeup with a silicone prosthesis

  • Silicone face / ear / neck impression for skin contact.

Namely: flexible membrane maintained by an impression tray in plastered strips. The mold is reusable X times.

  • This technique is applied in a secure manner, the molded person receives information (making of photos among others) beforehand.

  • Plaster face print based on silicone imprint

  • Sculpture in Monster clay (plasticine) of the prosthesis on the copy of the plaster face.

  • The prosthesis is placed on the forehead or on half of the face, or of the mouth.

  • The choice of the subject of the character is free: personal creation, reproduction of a film character, TV series ...

  • Resin molding of the sculpture. The mold is reusable X times

  • Cleaning of the mold and silicone impression (s) of the prosthesis

  • Installation and make-up of the prosthesis

  • Finishes: fitting teeth, horns, piercings ...

  • Make-up removal

B / W: Claustrophobic refrain.

If the student has already followed stage 2 (the custom latex mask), the silicone face print has already been made.

Duration of the internship: 35H00 / 5 days

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